About Our Cause

In 2014, when Pastor Dave Pennell did the original walk for the homeless, he knew he had to do something to draw awareness to the growing homeless problem in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So he walked 70 miles from Menominee MI to Kingsford MI. With that being a success, he decided that in 2015, he would walk from Mackinac Bridge to Menominee, MI. That is a distance of 200 miles! After some struggle, Pastor Dave made it back to Menominee, and at the party for him announced that he would walk 300 miles in 2016!


UPDATE: Pastor Dave Pennell broke his foot in November 2015, so the Walk scheduled for May of 2016 was cancelled. Recently, Pastor Dave stated that the Walk is back on! Join us in September 2016 for the Walk 3: Stillwater MN to Menominee MI. We are still in the planning stages of a Community Walk for the Homeless. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for all your support. God Bless.