Sunday School

School is not just for children anymore. At Abundant Life, our Sunday school is open to all ages. We have the class for you. From Young Kids (PreK-1st Grade) to Older Kids (2nd Grade-8th Grade) to Youth (9th Grade-12th Grade) and Adults (ages 18-120), we have a class for you and your family.
Young Kids (ages 3-6)
Room: Family Rec Ctr
Bring your young children on an adventure in our biblically decorated Family Rec Room.
Youth (ages 13-17)
Room: D. Werner Room
Bring your teen on an adventure with our Teen Group.
Older Kids (ages 3-6)
Room: Fellowship Hall
Bring your older children on an adventure in our fellowship hall.
Adults (ages 18-120)
Room: Worship Ctr
Bring yourself on a journey with our qualified leaders and explore your walk with Christ.